What to do if your Tactacam App is crashing/freezing up




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    Vern. Westberg

    The app connects but I can not view the videos on my phone

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    Joseph M Kilburn

    Correct, the app needs to be fixed ASAP, it does not work if at all with Android phones, just go to the Tacticam App reviews and read for a while, everyone is having this issue, with the new 5.0 and 5.0 wide.  This has been going on way to long, Tacticam and Ben the owner need to step up and fix the App, most reviews give 1 star, because of all the issues, sad for 300 bucks it does not do what it should, and should not have to go get a new phone or have Android fix it on their end.  I've spent countless hours trying and with other phones, crashes whenever you want to watch videos, and shows no media on phone, and you can only connect one phone to app, but I phones seem to work??? , common Tacticam get with it, lots of people spending hard earned money.


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